Benefits of Attending & Past Statistics

The 20th WPA Virtual Congress aims to:

  • To bring together the world’s scientific experts to catalyze and advance scientific knowledge about Psychiatry, present the most recent research findings, promote and enhance scientific collaborations around the world.
  • To bring together community leaders, scientists, and policy leaders to promote and enhance programmed collaborations to more effectively address regional, national and local responses to Psychiatry around the world and overcome barriers that limit access to prevention, care and services.

Industry Benefits of Supporting the 20th WPA Virtual Congress

  • Promotes cutting-edge scientific research
  • Offers a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with renowned professionals from across the world
  • Provides an ideal networking forum
  • Offers unique exposure to worldwide markets

WPA Demographics

Demographics from WCP 2019 held in Lisbon, August 2019, and World Congress of Psychiatry in Mexico City, September 2018:

WCP Attendance over the years

Countries represented over the years

Participants Attending
WCP 2018 - Mexico

Participants Attending
WCP 2019 - Lisbon

Countries Represented
WCP 2018 - Mexico

Countries Represented
WCP 2019 - Lisbon

WCP  – World Congress of Psychiatry – Lisbon 2019

Top 20 Countries

WCP19 - Top 20 countries

Participants by World Regions

WCP198 - Regions

Participants by Age

WCP19 - Age

Participants by Professional Role

WCP19 - prof role

Participants by Professional Interest

WCP19 - prof interest

WCP  – World Congress of Psychiatry – Mexico 2018

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