Group Discussion Schedule

Group Discussion Schedule

WPA understands the importance of meeting and discussing with colleagues and therefore group discussions will be scheduled at the congress, and those will be run by Key Opinion Leaders.

To join a discussion click on the chat in the networking area, when the virtual platform is operating.

The session will explore:

  • The collaboration with representatives of other disciplines, for example in the management of comorbidity and in research
  • The collaboration between WPA sections and
  • The collaboration of WPA and other professional NGO’s

Moderator – Prof. Thomas Schulze, Germany

Editors of journals dealing with mental disorders and related research will be invited to join the session. The moderator will ask the participants to provide solutions to problems.

Moderator – Prof. Michel Botbol, France

The session seeks to present ways in which persons responsible for the organization of psychiatric services could deal with problems of comorbidity.

Moderator – Prof. Mohan Isaac, UK

Some of the authors of recent publications on burn-out will participate and speak about their experience. Ways in which burn-out presents itself in different settings and identify practical measures which could prevent or diminish it in the different settings will be explored.

Moderator – Prof. Petr. Morozov, Russia

This session will explore ways in which one can seek, find and keep partners for projects that by their nature require involvement of several research sites (e.g. comparisons of the presentation of mental illness in different countries) in one own’s country and abroad.

Moderator – Dzmitry Krupchanka, Czech Republic