WPA Quiz Sessions

WPA Quiz Sessions

How will the Quiz Sessions Work?

  • During these 2 exciting live sessions, teams and individuals will compete against each other to answer topical questions via the virtual platform.
  • Questions will be announced by the moderators and will also be presented on the screen.
  • Those that are registered to a team, will breakout separately and discuss their joint response to the question.
  • Within one minute, teams and playing individuals will place an answer through the voting feature of the virtual platform. The answers to each question will be revealed after all the responses have been recorded for that question.
  • At the end of the session the winning team or the winning individual will be announced. There will be time for Q&A via the chat, to summarize the session.
  • Prize – all of the members of the winning team / winning individual will receive a reduced (student rate) registration for either the WCP 2021 Cartagena Congress or the WCP 2022 Bangkok Congress (winner to decide on the congress they wish to join).


Registering for the Quiz Sessions

  • Pre-registration for the quiz is mandatory for the people who want to play in teams.
  • Registration for the quiz sessions is included in the congress registration fee.
  • If you are not registered to the congress you will not be able to join the quiz.



  • Join a team– if you would like to join a team please mark this on the registration form.
  • There will be a maximum of 20 teams playing in each quiz session.
  • Teams will consist of up to 10 participants with one of the participants acting as the team leader. Team participants will be allocated randomly by the congress organizers and each team will consist of a geographical balance of participants.
  • Registration will be open until 1 March 2021.
  • Team members will be given, in advance,  a link to join the team discussion session.
  • There is no limitation on the number of individuals who wish to join without joining a team.

Team Leaders

  • If  you wish to be a Team Leader, please indicate on the registration form. Team Leaders will be allocated in order of registration.
  • Team Leaders will be responsible for collecting the joint response of their team to the question and for marking the selected response in the quiz.
  • Team Leaders should be responsible to ensure that the group discussion will not run over time and that the response is recorded after the one-minute discussion time.
  • The Team’s response will be recorded via the virtual platform, not verbally.

Please contact us with any queries about the quiz.